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"The Christmas Orange"


Clementines are available throughout all the year except the summer months of July and August.


A clementine is a hybrid between a mandarin orange and a sweet orange.

Most sources say that the clementine came to exist because of accidental hybridization, however, there are claims it originated in China much earlier.

Clementines are very often called “Christmas oranges” because their limited growing season falls during the winter. 

The clementine is not always easy to distinguish from varieties of mandarin oranges. As such, it should not be confused with similar fruit such as the satsuma or honey sweet orange, or other popular varieties.

Health benefits

  • Clementines are really good for skin owing to the presence of significant amount of vitamin C
  • Helps the normal functioning of brain and supports reducing stress and depression
  • Enhances disease fighting ability of the body and strengthens the immunity
  • Contributes keeping bones strong and healthy due to the presence of the calcium and phosphorous content
  • Clementines are a good source of fiber which adds bulk to your stool and facilitates better digestion and keeps constipation at bay
  • Clementines are good for heart owing to the presence of potassium mineral
  • Maintains the electrolytic balance of the body
  • Clementines also helps in fighting various types of cancer