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"The Fruit of the Gods"


In season October through February, persimons are the golden delicious fruits that hang off the trees after the leaves drop in autumn. 


Persimons, native to Japan and China, were first harvested in the United States in the 1850's and are now grown all over the world where the weather is warm enough.

It was known to the ancient Greeks as "the fruit of the gods" and often referred to as "nature's candy".

Cultivation of the fruit extended first to other parts of east Asia, India and Nepal and was later introduced to California and southern Europe in the 1800s and to Brazil in the 1890s.

In the Valencia region of Spain, there is a variegated form of kaki called the "Ribera del Xuquer", "Spanish persimon" or "Rojo Brillante" ("bright red").

Health benefits

  • Promotes weight loss and is best partner for workout
  • Lutein, Zeaxanthin and other vital nutrients protects and nourish eye vision
  • Soluble & insoluble fiber in Persimon boost digestive system health
  • Fights cancer due to Its high antioxidant property
  • Boost immunity with Persimon’s Vitamin C
  • Persimmon maintains blood pressure and keeps the cardiovascular system healthy