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"The real Valencian"


  • Navelina: From the 1st of October to the 1st of January. They are the first of the season and the most anticipated. Medium size and rounded cup.

  • Salustiana: From the 15th of December to the 15th of February. It has a high content of juice that makes it ideal to drink it in juice. Slightly rough bark and medium thickness, with an intense orange color.


  • Navel-Late: From the 15th of January to the 15th of February. Variety of large size. It emphasizes that it has a 'navel' more or less open in the opposite part of the peduncle. Taste acidulated and without seeds.

  • Lane-Late: From February 15 to April 30. Similar to the Nave-Late but with less juice. It differs because there are longitudinal grooves around the fruit in the cortex. 

  • Valencia-Late: From the 1st of May to the 31st of July. Size is medium to large. Its content in seeds is practically zero. Instead, it is very rich in juice. 


Orange trees were grown in Southeast Asia since ancient times. 

When first introduced in Europe, oranges were used only for medicinal purposes, mainly due to their exorbitant prices.

Valencia Orange has an exclamatory attribute to go green even after ripening because their peel has a tendency to re-absorb chlorophyll in warm climate. It goes green but its taste is same as that of ripe orange.

Today, they are one of the most sought-after fruits of the world, not only for their taste, but also for their nutritional value.

Health benefits

  • Oranges contain phytochemicals that protect against cancer
  • Orange juice can help prevent kidney diseases.
  • Mandarin oranges fight liver cancer, according to studies
  • Oranges lower cholesterol.
  • They are rich in potassium and boost heart health.
  • They lower the risk of diseases
  • Oranges fight against viral infections
  • They relieve constipation
  • They aid in good eye health and protect vision
  • They regulate high blood pressure. 
  •  They protect skin
  • Oranges alkalize the body
  • Oranges provide smart carbs and do not cause a blood sugar spike